Sparkular Machine

Have you ever wanted to create a phenomenal indoor fireworks display without the firework risks?

At Sparkular, we have taken pyrotechnics to the most innovative level possible. Our fountain machine allows you to create stunning displays that can be synchronized with music. The more machines you add, the more impressive your display can look – and they can all be controlled with one intelligent controller.

Why choose our SPARKULAR machine?

Our machines are the only place where you can get a genuine Sparkular machine! Check for distributors in your area and check the machines have the official logo.

Are your machines and operators certified, backed and guaranteed by the original manufacturer and Sparkular Australia?  Don't be fooled, don't risk your safety or your investment!

Sparkular Fireworks Machine


  • Safer than traditional fireworks

  • fountain display with total control

  • No explosive content

  • Unique ability to independently control duration and height

  • No Hazardous content to deal with

  • Completely Enviromentally Friendly 

  • Industry first No Smell effect 

  • 12 month warranty and phone support

  • The only official distributor for Australia and Newzealand

At Sparkular, we want to make creating fireworks easier than ever before. Whether you are placing these on a stage or in your backyard, there are some incredible options available to you.

You can synchronize your fireworks and program all of them from a controller. It’s so easy, and the band technology makes it easy to preprogram everything so that you can set off your fireworks on site without spending a lot of time.

  • Download the Sparkular Software

  • Create a PyroMusical

  • Synch all of the fireworks machines together

  • Fill the units with the combustible powder


  • Control the machines wirelessly


 Wireless DMX control box has a built-in program or link different channels. Installation simply requires connections to power supply which saves a lot of time on site


Simple plug and play system


Energy Efficient, Environmentaly friendly and Self cleaning system, with intelligent led lighting function display for trouble free operation


State of the Art Design makes this system lightwieght and easy transport 


An easy  ON/OFF controller to control up to 54 units controlled by one master controller equipped with pre preprogrammed effects button for firing effects easily.


Comes with free software to make creating stunning effects easy



Easy well prepared storage,


perfectly set to take on the road 

We have put in a significant amount of time and research in order to develop a machine that offers more features and more safety. We offer an environmentally friendly unit with no hazardous content. There is no smell and no smoke, thus making it safer to use indoors and out.



Those who work with fireworks often complain of not being able to have control over the actual fireworks. We provide total control with our machine, and this is due to the number of electronic controllers that are incorporated into the system. It allows for control of duration and height, which we have found to be of the utmost importance.



We have taken the time to test the machines extensively in order to determine what does and does not work. We have also received a significant amount of feedback on those who work within the pyrotechnics industry in order to ensure that we have captivated all of the desired needs and wants. As such, we have a fireworks machine that truly provides a better experience.

Innovation is one of our motivating factors. We want to be on the forefront of pyrotechnics technology, and continue to do research in order to provide more exciting options for our customers. We already have several units available on the market, and are researching new options that are even more energy efficient and that provides even more features.

Customers have commented on our state-of-the-art design that provides a lightweight machine that is easy to transport. Further, the wireless DMX control box makes it simple to save time on site because all programming can be done in advance.