Great things do come in small packages!

This package incorprates all the essential features from its bigger brother SPARKULAR Pro

This is a perfect and affordable solution for the for the wedding, club and  DJ scene

Machine Features

  • 2-2.5 meter spark hieght
  • Holds up tp 3 minutes of shoot time powder 
  • Easy to set up
  • Basic remote control for the beginner operator 
  • Support advance dmx functions
  • Send an email to register your interest and recieve more information


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    At Sparkular, we are based in Sydney, Australia and embrace live entertainment. We want to show entertainers and venues how to get the most bang for their buck using fireworks that are easy to work with.


    We are committed to providing a safe and convenient way to work with pyrotechnics.  

    With decades of experience in pyrotechnics, our team delivers a wealth of experience and knowledge. It is this expertise that has allowed us to create a fireworks machine that is simply better than what is otherwise available on the market. We are able to provide guidance and advice on how to use the systems inside any event.

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